How to choose fleet management software

06 March


3 features to look for in fleet management software

Keeping control over travel expenses is hard unless we know what we’re dealing with. That’s why fleet management software is invaluable for medium to large enterprises; it gives you an accurate picture of your travel costs, so that you can make informed decisions when managing your fleet.

But where to start? There are dozens of competitors rubbing shoulders on the market. Follow us to cut through the noise and learn how to sort the best fleet management software from the rest.

Real-time updates on location

It’s no longer enough to get end-of-week/month reports on where a driver has been to. Belated statuses are going to make you less in tune with travel patterns that should be swiftly addressed if more convenient or cost-effective alternatives exist.

ClearPathGPS can give you a wide, panoramic satellite view of fleet movements,refreshed every 30 seconds. There are colour codes to distinguish trucks, routes and geofenced arrivals. Managers also receive speed and traffic reports as they’re updated.

An integrated vehicle inspection service

It’s easy to fall out of step with how safe your cars, vans, trucks or bikes may be. Luckily, some fleet management software can roll through these issues and tick them off, one by one, before anyone debarks from your station. Teletrac is a great example of a digital checklist: everything from brakes, exhausts, seatbelts and window stability is looked over, thanks to the on-board diagnostic system.

Other brands such as RTA Fleet Management go a little further, allowing you to order repair parts. The interface may be a little more complex, but its wide-ranging capabilities are ideal for larger organisations.

One option is to use ServicePoint, which gives you access to over 9,000 approved garages across the UK. ServicePoint has plenty of useful features, including allowing drivers and fleet managers to book vehicles in for repairs and MOTs, view service history and manage invoices.

Driver performance updates

Monitoring the performance of your vehicles is all well and good, but what about the human element of fleet management? Some of the most interesting software focusses on the performance of your drivers – and how this affects your customers.

A tool like Fleetmatics, for example, can tell you whether a driver is speeding, continually making hard turns or idling at traffic lights, so you can alert staff on areas for improvement. Fleetmatics also shows you your customer’s purchases on each route.

Saving fuel at every turn

Whatever the nature of your business, no-one can escape from topping up diesel or petrol on the road. You want drivers to refuel at the most cost-effective places, while ensuring this doesn’t damage your schedule. That’s why it’s a smart move to take up the
Allstar fuel card and accompanying app.

The Allstar card reduces the cost of fuel for your business. With our fleet management app, you can then see which UK fuel stations (over 7,600 and counting) are registered on the Allstar network, and plan your journey to avoid needless diversions.

There are many aspects to fleet management software, and you might find yourself drawn to several options to cover the full scope of your expense management needs. For more information about how Allstar can support your decision-making, visit our website, or get in touch with our team.

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