How to find good truck drivers

26 March


Where does a fleet come from?

Sure, there are the practicalities of buying HGV vehicles and maintaining them well. But fleet-reliant businesses need to know how to find good truck drivers. Whether through what you’re offering or how you make your employees valued, you need to work out how you will attract and keep good drivers.

To build the best fleet, consider a shake-up in your recruitment policy. We have some thoughts on structuring, analysing and marketing your positions in a fleet business.

Promise sufficient ‘home time’ 

A fleet driver can spend 10 or more hours at a time on the road, with only a radio for company. They will want a guarantee – based on performance – that agreed shifts will not run for longer than they’re meant to.

A fleet manager should be confident in the time it takes to get from A to B. To do this, you have to employ mapping software, GPS tracking and real-time road technology (used for traffic updates etc.) for the most accurate view of any distances. During the interview stage, show the candidate how well you’re able to plan journeys and delivery schedules. Any stats or comparison data will lead them to trust your shift patterns. 

Keep their equipment in good shape

The HGV fleet sector is very competitive. Drivers have their pick of where to go and the vehicles they prefer to use. Old, inefficient trucks, for example, may deter capable drivers. People want to feel as if they’re going to get the best driving experience every day on the job. Vehicles should be comfortable, reliable and easy to control.

So don’t be afraid to talk about the latest in-truck telematics you’ve taken up, or a recent fleet investment that will change how your drivers see each trip to its conclusion. Don’t be afraid to highlight this in your marketing material – flyers, social posts and web ads gaining credibility with a description of the technology you’re using.

Build an appealing benefits/reward package

Few workers will go above and beyond for your business if they are not thanked for their efforts. You may initiate targets, for example, that carry rewards (an extra day’s holiday, free dental care, a voucher scheme) for any drivers that exceed expectations. The gift system might level up for fast deliveries or great customer service over the year. Consistency will be recognised: tell your candidates this, and show them that you’re serious.

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