Improve how eco-friendly your fleet is

11 June


Discover the easiest way to go green

Do you worry about your business’s carbon emissions and the damage caused to the environment? Going ‘green’ is a complex and emotive subject that leaves many vehicle fleet operators feeling a little guilty but powerless.

Allstar has devised a simple scheme so its customers can turn their unavoidable carbon emissions into beautiful new British woodlands that will not only re-capture that carbon over time, but also make a lasting contribution to the green infrastructure of the country.

Allstar has joined forces with the  UK’s leading developer of new woodland projects Forest Carbon to ensure the scheme is of the highest quality and that the woodlands reflect the carbon footprint of scheme members.

Ecopoint is a fantastic way to make your fleet ‘greener’ and works equally well for a one-vehicle operation as a large fleet. Allstar simply uses your fuel invoice records to direct Forest Carbon to plant and protect the right number of trees in new woodlands that will match, in time, the carbon created by your vehicles. But the ‘greening’ doesn’t stop there: as they grow, this government certified woodlands will also have the added benefit of reducing flooding, counteracting other pollution, providing wildlife habitats and being attractive places to visit.

Your company can receive an annual e-certificate detailing how many new trees have been planted for you and the amount of CO2 they are expected to capture. Many companies find giving something back to nature can be equally popular with employees and customers. Being a committed ‘green’ company can be a useful marketing tool too.

Being part of the scheme allows you use of the associated Ecopoint logos on your company website, which makes for excellent marketing. In addition, you are offered guidance in creating any supporting text you wish to promote your company’s involvement in the scheme with.

Whether you use Ecopoint or not it is sound business practice to run your fleet in the most environmentally friendly way.  Efficiency in maximising fuel economy and minimising mileage might not always be enough, but adding the Ecopoint scheme to your business can further add to your ‘green’ credentials.

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