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11 June


Allstar offers customers two types of fuel card: either pump price or fixed price.

But do you have the best one for your business?

The Allstar pump price products are accepted at circa 7,600 fuel sites in the UK and within this are approximately 1,800 crossover sites at which a fixed price purchase can be made.

Both cards can bring a host of benefits, like easy record keeping, cheaper fuel and greater card security, but sometimes the calculations involved in choosing between them are quite complex. So here’s a breakdown to make things easier:

Allstar has the UK’s leading range of cards that offer different pricing options to match your requirements.

Pump Price

The pump price card charges for fuel based on the price that is being charged at the pump when you buy it.

You could pay more or less than the fixed price card, depending on regional variations and the type of fuel station you use, but you have the option of making savings by shopping around for the cheapest fuel stations on the day.

You’ll also still receive the great benefits of having a fuel card with easy administration, control and security and a network of fuel stations all over the UK.

Fixed Price

Our fixed price cards are suited to customers who use diesel and the price for your fuel is at a set weekly rate based on either a national average price minus a discount , a retail price minus a discount or a Platts(Bulk) price plus a set cost per litre. The actual price you pay is the same regardless of the price at the forecourt when you fill up. Buying fuel this way rather than paying the forecourt price can generate substantial savings.

This means that fixed price cards are more suited to high-mileage operators and those who mainly use diesel, while pump priced cards are mostly suited to general businesses and those using more unleaded.

Pricing on Allstar cards:

The Allstar Classic Card is a pump price card – Fill up at more than 7,600 fuel sites across the UK.

The Allstar Premier Programme is a two card solution where you can receive both discounts – a pump price card and a discounted diesel, fixed price card – Fill up at over 7,600 pump price sites of which 1,800 are discounted diesel sites across the UK.

The Allstar Supermarket Fuel Card is a pump price card – Fill up at the four major supermarkets around the UK.

The Allstar Monitor Card is a pump price card – Fill up at over 7,600 sites across the UK but Public sector only.

Find more help about choosing the best Allstar card for your business, click here.

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