Minnie the Mini’s favourite day; October 2nd

07 September


On October 2nd it is National Name Your Car Day, a day dedicated to treating your car as part of your family, as, if you are anything like us, you spend more time with your car than you do your family.

We at Allstar are all very attached to our cars, so the idea of naming them is something that comes naturally. Humanising our cars makes us feel safer, and makes us feel like our cars should be reliable – something that can leave us feeling weirdly hurt when our cars inevitably have that splutter!

But there are rules: Some of us here insist that your car’s name has to correlate to the first letter of the number plate. Others name their cars close to the make or model (Bug the Beetle), for example, or on its appearance (a grey Ford KA could be called Pebble). Inevitably, these cars will get genders and voices too over the course of their ownership, building up a full personality.

If you have named your car, why not use October 2nd to offer it some love; give it a wash or a valet. Otherwise, why not use October 2nd as the time to christen your car and accept that your car deserves to be part of your family. 

Why not join in the fun and let us know your car’s name by using the #MyCarsNameIs 

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