Most Popular Colour for Fleet Cars

25 March


If you were expecting a senior executive for an important meeting, and they stepped out of a hot pink motor, what would be your enduring impression?

Although it shouldn’t matter, the colour of a car can have a significant impact on reputation with frivolous colours giving off the wrong vibes for executive and professional industries.

For this reason, there are definite trends in the colours chosen for fleet cars with some hues picked far more often than others.

We take a look at the most popular colours for fleet cars and consider whether that is the smartest choice.

Mainstream trends

Although there has been pockets of unusual colours surfacing in the market, on the whole the mainstream motor industry is interested in the typical tones which have been produced for many years.

Whilst metallic paint is an ever-popular, there are certain colours which are considered to be dull and uninteresting while others have enjoyed a real revival.

White cars disappeared for some time, being considered distinctly unclasp and rather passé. However there has been a complete U-turn in public perception and they are now one of the most sought after colours once more.

In fact, the resurgence of white cars has been so marked that the resale value of a white car is considered to be higher by at least 5% compared to the same model in a different hue.

In a survey of the most popular car colours, some brighter tones did make it surprisingly high up the chart. Indigo, purple, yellow and pink ranked near the top of the charts but experts have attributed this to the rising sports car market rather than the typical work or family motor.

Fleet trends

But although the appetite for white cars continues unchecked in the public domain, there’s not the same demand just yet in the fleet industry.

The trend for such a high-maintenance colour has not crossed the threshold and more sombre colours continue to dominate fleet vehicles.

As you might expect, the most popular request for a fleet car is black with both high value and more economical models being requested in this classy colour.

Black has dominated the fleet trends chart for many years and shows no sign of being knocked from its perch anytime soon. Around a third of the fleet market plumps for black, regardless of the industry or car model and make.

Other more traditional colours haven’t fared quite as well, with grey plummeting in popularity over the last few years. Silver, a close relative to grey, has clung on to its status but also appears to be in free fall with fewer requests for this colour from fleet managers.

Red cars have certainly fallen from grace in recent years. Once regarded as a sexy and daring colour, there’s little market for cars of this colour both in the fleet and mainstream markets.

Although white isn’t yet jostling for space on too many fleet forecourts, experts predict that this colour will increasingly be in demand from professional customers too. Because many prestigious car manufacturers are starting to produce models in white, interest in the colour is building up an unmistakable head of steam and as these cars are seen to be more desirable, there’s a good chance fleets will start to demand them too.


The colour of your car says much about you and as a professional out on the road, you want your motor to suggest that you are smart, savvy and an elite catch. Pick the wrong colour and you could be communicating something entirely different, so have a word with your fleet manager and make sure you end up with the colour car that’s hot in the markets right now.

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