Mothers - Your flowers didn't come from the petrol station!

01 March


The high street is the destination of choice for Mothers' Day cards and gifts.

New research commissioned here at Allstar has shown that when it comes to Mother’s day, leaving it last minute is where the stereotypes end for UK men. 1 in 4 admitted they only get round to making a purchase on mother’s day itself, or the day before, but contrary to belief they’re not all stopping at the garage or corner shop to pick something up.

Our research found that men spend an average of £22 buying a card and gift and 46% head for the high street, 31% shop at the supermarket, 15% shop online, 4% a local corner/metro shop and just 2% grab something at the garage.

Women appear more organised. Less than half as many (11%) buy something on mother’s day or the day before. More than a third of women (34%) make purchases more than a week in advance - something less than a quarter of men (23%). Women are also slightly more generous, spending an average of £24-£2 more than the men do.

When it comes to gift selection, the old traditionals are still the favourites, with flowers (62%), chocolates (38%) and perfumes/bath and body care (25%) coming out as the top choices for both men and women to buy their mums.

Allstar fuel cards are used on average 93,000 times a day across our network of 7,700 forecourts, 99% of which offer additional onsite facilities like a shop. Over recent years the choice and selection of goods available at forecourt stores has improved enormously, thanks to the need for convenience in hectic work and social lifestyles. Allstar’s co-pilot app allows users to search for their nearest fuel site, adding ‘shop’ facilities as a filter. So those who have left it last minute might find that rather than being the butt of joes it’s the garage that gets them out of a tight spot.

Where will you be picking up a present for mum this year? What are your tips for petrol station purchases? Share your tips with us on Twitter

About our cards:

The Allstar One fuel card gives you access to one of the UK’s largest fuel networks. The card also allows you to control what additional products you can pay for using the cards. Products such as forecourt conveniences, oils and lubricants can all be added to the cards spending abilities.

The Allstar Supermarket fuel card is ideal for small or local businesses. The card gives you access to 1,400 filling stations nationwide and includes Morrisons, Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s garages. Similar to the Allstar One card, you are able to set whether you wish to add additional products to the cards spending ability. 

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