Popular Music Choice For Commuters

29 April


Despite a rocky start in its infancy, since the first car radio was introduced in 1922, music has become a staple for drivers and commuters especially. 

The first car radio was met with a lot of controversy and not just because it was often so large. Despite this, it didn’t take long for the idea to catch on with the masses in the 20’s which has now lead to present day where almost every new car comes fitted with a radio.

From tape players to mobile phone adapters, the common car radio has seen a lot of change over the years, but perhaps the most change has been seen with music choice.

Everyone has their own personal taste in music which is why some might say it can be one of the biggest causes of in-car arguments - picking the right album or radio station. For some drivers it can be crucial for making the daily commute a little more bearable.

Radio Stations

Going by the most popular radio stations, the UK’s favourite commuting music would be classed as ‘Adult Contemporary’. With BBC Radio 2 attracting the most listeners in the UK, their music choices must appeal to the most people. The radio plays a considerable variation of music types and genres with their general playlist spanning over 50 years, including many of the tracks now considered classics. From music produced in the 1960’s to many of the chart toppers of today, its listeners enjoy a variety of music, most of which falls into the ‘Adult Contemporary’ genre.

Music Artists

The most popular music artist that commuters choose to listen to often reflects who is currently in the charts or who has made many appearances in recent years. The top music artists reflect what is played on the radio as well as the CD’s and albums bought for use on commutes. Ed Sheeran’s music, often seen topping the charts, has been recently named as the most popular artist to listen to during the busiest commuting times. He has been joined at the top of the list by artists such as Sam Smith and Calvin Harris. Overall, pop music and chart toppers seem to be the most listened to as well as the subsequent albums produced by the artists.   


Music choice for commutes is strongly dictated by location with where you live playing a large role in what you are most likely to be listening to. The most popular music choice for commuter’s changes significantly throughout the UK and radio playlists will generally cater to this. Even different areas of the same county or city will see major differences in preferred music choices. Classical music, for example, is much more popular in North London than it is in the South with around 15% more people opting for the classical choice in the North.

Each driver has their own choice in music they play through their car radio. Some use it to stay alert, some just as entertainment – whatever the reason, the car radio, even after all these years is here to stay!

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