Review of the Top 5 Fleet Vehicles

11 May


When you’re choosing vehicles for your fleet, factors like style, fashion and performance take second place to more practical considerations.

To help you pick from the hundreds of vehicles on sale, we’ve selected five of which we believe to be the best – based on the more cost-effective criteria of reliability.

Hatchback - Honda Jazz

The least-likely car to break down in Britain is this humble Japanese supermini. The Jazz is the best-rated vehicle in the definitive Reliability Index, the Consumer Association’s ‘Which Car?’ Best Buy and AutoExpress reader’s number-one reliable car.  Little wonder Honda can offer a re-assuring 90,000-mile warranty.

Small executive - Mercedes Benz C-Class Coupe

You may be surprised to hear that after a period of dodgy build-quality, Mercedes now makes executive cars that are more reliable than its German rivals. The CLC offers prestige and practicality, and is the compact executive car least likely to need repairs. 

Saloon and estate - Honda Accord

Another Honda? Yes, the Japanese manufacturer’s motorway mile-cruncher is the UK’s most reliable family saloon or estate. You’ll have to be quick though, the Accord may be a fleet favourite but declining private sales mean that imports are likely to stop later this year.

Executive saloon - Lexus GS

European rivals may be more sporty and trendy but have surprisingly bad reliability records. This lesser-known Lexus is sumptuously equipped, comfortable for long distances and the most reliable executive car you can buy. Its engines are fast and economical hybrid units that are also cheap to tax.

Commercial van - Ford Transit

Britain’s best-selling van is also our most reliable cargo carrier. The latest version of the classic Ford panel van now has more refined engines and advanced safety features but it’s the lack of costly time off the road that makes the Transit the number one business choice.

The one thing which all of these vehicles have in common and the one thing we recommend when choosing a vehicle is reliability. So whichever car or van you choose to run in your fleet, ensure that it is reliable and withstands the test of time! For a list of other reliable car brands, read more here

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