Rising fuel prices hit three-year high

29 March


Fuel is more expensive in Britain today than it has been for three years.

According to Allstar’s UK fuel price information, both petrol and diesel rose by more than 2p a litre in November, pushing average prices to their highest point since 2014. Unleaded has crept past the 120p mark and diesel has moved up to more than 123p.

While the RAC have suggested these sky-high fuel figures may come down at some point in the future, there is every chance we could see further surges in the short-term.

How will high fuel prices affect UK drivers?

There’s no denying that these high fuel costs are bad news for British drivers.

Filling up a typical small business vehicle (55 litre), such as a Ford Focus, with petrol will now put you as much as £65.70 out of pocket. A diesel tank, on the other hand, will force you to part ways with £67.16 *.

UK motorists are feeling the financial pinch because of global oil market prices, which recently rose to more than $60 (£44.74) a barrel. The strength of the sterling (against the dollar) has helped to keep prices lower than many initially anticipated. Still, there’s no escaping the fact that topping up will hit wallets hard. 

People all over the country have been operating on lower fuel budgets for more than 36 months, so these growing prices (which may yet go up again) will certainly be an adjustment.

This begs the question: Is there any way to save money on fuel given the unpredictability of the market right now?

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*Estimates based on March 2018 prices detailed by the Allstar’s UK fuel price information.

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