Self driving car development

29 September


Through the recent weeks and months, we have seen more and more articles about the development of autonomous vehicles; vehicles that can function without a physical driver.

While many think that this is a theory that is far away in the future, as we haven’t even seen the proper introduction of electric vehicles yet. A completely automated vehicle is surely far too out of the scope to be a consideration, right? Wrong.

There have been many autonomous vehicle tests across the UK this year, including Milton Keynes and Greenwich in London. With further plans to test driverless cars in Oxford alongside a test route from London to Oxford in 2019, they are sure to be in the eye of the public soon.

So what do you need to know?

A video was created by Full Charged who were passengers in the seat of the Nissan Leaf. During this video they went from A to B in a driverless car, with the wheel and controls only there to be used in an emergency situation. Check it out

Watch Here

This video is shows how the first stages of driverless cars are being used and the ways that they are safe, stable and reliable. The only question that remains after watching this video is… When will they be available for purchase?

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