Six apps to ease your driving

07 September


We’re always looking out for things that’s will keep you safe, efficient and comfortable when travelling.

Here are 6 apps that we believe can make your driving easier:

Voice Texting Pro – iOS - Free

Even better than Hands-free, Voice Texting Pro for Apple products picks up your voice, converts your speech into text and then sends your message via email, SMS, Twitter or Facebook. Easy to use, this app allows you to talk without moving your hands from the wheel.

Voice Texting Pro

Drive – Blackberry/Android - Free

Similar to Voice Texting Pro, Drive reads out your SMS text messages and emails and lets you dictate replies. It can even read out text message shorthand like LOL or brb. A one-touch activated app, it minimises distractions.

Drive Safe

Google Drive - Android / iOS -Free

Being able to scan documents using your phone camera can be invaluable. Even better, the Android version of Google Drive will convert your scans to PDFs for you. The best part is that it’s likely already installed as standard on you Android phone.

Google Drive

Trucker Timer – Android/ Blackberry/ iOS - £5.99

Designed for UK and EU truck, lorry and HGV drivers, this little app helps track driving times, making sure that you don't go over your legal limit. With an in-built alarm to alert you of any upcoming fatigue violations, TruckerTimer helps keep you inside the EU’s complex driving regulations.

Daily Defects – Android - Free

Daily Defects offers a way to log inspections for all lorry or HGV drivers, as required by VOSA. The app is a quick, easy way to record your checks; you can even save pictures. The app converts reports to PDF documents so you can hand them in or save them. You can even create custom check-ups for your company.

Daily Defects

IOnRoad – Android / iOS - Free

IonRoad uses augmented reality to estimate the distance between you and the car in front of you, informing you whether you are too close or are deviating from your lane. It works in conjunction with your GPS speed to warn you of upcoming collisions.

You can see how it works here

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