Stay on the right track: How Allstar’s fuel cards minimise route deviation

06 November


With a large fleet travelling up and down the UK, it’s important to know that they will always be able to find a fuel station to refuel at

But when you’re tied to a single brand, your drivers may need to deviate off course, using up valuable mileage and time, just to get to their nearest station.  

With Allstar, the UK’s largest fuel network, you can eliminate your fleet’s ‘dead’ mileage. Covering 90% of the UK’s fuel sites, Allstar lets your drivers fill up whenever they need to without needing to deviate from their route.

Drastically increase mobile worker efficiency

With over 7,700 sites across the whole of the UK, your employees are never far away from an Allstar site.

An Allstar card covers branded sites like Shell, Esso or BP and supermarkets like Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda, so your drivers can gain the benefits of branded sites and the economy of cheap supermarket sites without having to compromise.

Plus, your Allstar card gives your drivers access to the Discount Diesel network, a large selection of sites that offer savings off pump price diesel.

Dropping ‘dead mileage’ saves you money

While a few miles out the way here and there might not seem like a problem, repeatedly doing so will contribute to how soon your vehicles will need a service. As every mile will wear down your vehicles’ tyres and increase the likelihood of them needing work, making sure your drivers stay on their original journeys will save you money in repair and replacement.

90% of fuel sites will take an Allstar card, so when your drivers use a fuel station, it’s likely it’s an Allstar site. That means they won’t need to waste time planning out a journey that ensures they pass by a specific brand’s fuel station. And they won’t need to sit on the roadside searching for the nearest fuel station, using up the one commodity you can’t get back; time.

No need to deviate from your journey

When using a single-brand fuel card for the likes of BP, Shell or Esso, your drivers will need to plan their every route so that they know where their nearest branded fuel station is – and it’s likely that they will need to deviate from their route to fill up. However, as Allstar’s network is so extensive, it covers fuel stations on major trunk roads and motorways as well as cities or towns, so you can look after your fuel needs wherever you are.

Don’t worry about site closures

It is not uncommon for one single-brand fuel site to be taken over by another brand. If you’re locked into a specific brand, this can be a problem. And if your drivers continue to fill up there they have a choice of refusing to pay, meaning you will have to go and settle the bill, or they must pay and reclaim, which is time-consuming and costly.

But, if you have an Allstar fuel card, when a site changes brand it won’t matter. With 7,700 fuel stations across the UK, covering 90% of all fuel sites, no matter the brand, it’s likely that they will take an Allstar card.

In fact, over the past year, Esso and Shell have gained 9.2% and 2.7% of sites respectively, while BP and Texaco have lost 6.4% and 3%, respectively. While some of Shell and Esso’s acquisition of sites will be from smaller brands like Jet or Applegreen, the majority will be from taking over sites from the other major oil brands; BP and Texaco. This means, for example, that if you have a BP card, you have lost 6.4% of the sites you would have been able to use, but with an Allstar card, this shift won’t affect your ability to fill up.

Wherever your business operates, Allstar cards can ensure reliable, well-located stations that will increase your efficiency by eliminating route deviation.

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