The 5 best commercial satnavs for company fleets

08 March


In the A to Z of fleet management, getting from A to B on-time – and with efficient fuel consumption – is a vital part of your role.

Drivers need to be on the right route for the job they’re performing, and as such the best commercial satnavs are there to direct your staff on the road, ensuring they don’t get lost or stuck on a lengthy journey.

But how do we choose a satnav investment that’s going to pay off? These are the top five options guaranteed to speed up the reliability of your fleet:

1. TomTom Go 6200/6250

For many, the TomTom brand is synonymous with satnav tech, and they’ve proven themselves once again this year with two excellent additions to the roster. The 6200 model has Lifetime Maps integration, meaning the routes for any country can be updated, for free, at least four times a year. It learns how you drive and gives alerts for speed zones. But, if you’re buying for trucks or vans, the 6250 option is superior, as it boasts in-built data for toll booths, height restrictions and repair centres.

2. Garmin DriveAssist 50 LMT-D

Featuring a camera looking out from the vehicle’s dashboard – and thereby logging evidence of an accident, should it occur – this Garmin product is great for safety and road awareness. When the destination is near, the camera feed overlays with ‘turn here’ visuals, so the final directions are very easy to follow. Routes are perfectly clear on the mapping screen, but it’s nice to have that added prompt for your drivers.

3. Navman 5000 LM

When weighing up the best commercial satnavs, it’s worth remembering that a good, budget-friendly device can be more suited to some businesses (i.e. those with around £100 to spare for each vehicle). The Navman 5000 LM fills that role: for its price, there’s a lot to explore, such as TomTom IQ routing technology, a simple interface, lane guidance and a three-month safety camera trial.

4. Garmin DriveSmart 61 LMT-S

The second Garmin appearance on our list is firmly warranted – not only for the huge screen, measured at almost 18cm across, but for the smooth connectivity to smart phones and wireless internet routers. You can new maps through these platforms as well as a USB stick, for cutting-edge travel orientation. This DriveSmart model highlights congested areas too, so drivers can plan for jams and hold-ups.

5. TomTom GO Rider 450

This is only for motorcycle fleets, but the benefits are pronounced, and worthy of your investment if you value a safety-first satnav. The TomTom GO Rider 450 has a very stable 11cm display, and remains weatherproof through any conditions. What’s more, the cyclist can choose the road type (straight, hilly, winding etc.) they’re comfortable with. Sunlight won’t affect on the screen’s readability either; the GO Rider is perfect for bike-centric fleets.

After running through the best commercial satnavs in the UK, there’s no sense stopping there – journey information can have many effects on your business. Tracking mileage with our Business Mileage Monitor, for instance, reveals how far you get on a tank of fuel.

Used alongside a satnav system, you’ll see how certain route choices have trimmed your expenditure down, while authorising the digital paper trail for tax reimbursement. See what we have to offer, and stay in control across all aspects of your fleet management.

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