The Allstar card - more than just discounted fuel

24 February


As a business owner, managing expenditure is one of the most critical areas to master; this can be the difference between profit and loss, success and failure.

But if you have employees who need to claim back travelling costs, the process can be time-consuming and arduous, and you may end up paying over the odds.

An Allstar Card offers you the chance to benefit from discounted diesel but it's so much more besides. Here are some of the perks you could enjoy from signing up for an Allstar Card Account.

Cheaper fuel

Although this is far from being the only benefit, it certainly is one of the most attractive features about the Allstar Card.

If your employees are racking up business miles, it's important to be able to track how much petrol they are purchasing and what rate they are paying.

An Allstar Card can offer you discounted diesel at hundreds of different outlets around the country, giving your drivers plenty of opportunities and choice to fill up when they need to, without paying premium rates.

As well as being able to purchase discounted fuel, the card could help control costs in other ways too.

If your employees are running short on fuel they may be tempted to pull into the nearest motorway service station rather than planning their car's needs in advance. This can work out significantly more expensive, adding around £3.50 to the bill each time they fill up (on average).

An Allstar Card provides employees with the choice of a huge number of petrol stations, including supermarkets, but can help you avoid having to pay those extortionate motorway premiums.

Change the way you process

If you have to pay travelling costs, you may presently be opting to use the per-mile process; this means staff claim a fixed fee per business mile they have travelled.

In reality, this can be a big money-spinner for staff, as the rate of reimbursement often is far more generous than what has been paid out in petrol costs.

By issuing drivers with an Allstar Card, you can be certain that you won't be paying over the odds for fuel, plus you can ensure that you can reclaim all of your business fuel VAT.

In addition to saving you money, an Allstar Card will save you a substantial amount of time too. You won't have to calculate, check and process each claim manually, as with Allstar you can use their innovative reporting system, allowing you to be presented automatically with a breakdown of the charges.


As well as saving money, an Allstar Card can help with the task of administering the reimbursement travelling costs whilst remaining above-board and compliant.

A Business Mileage Monitor is provided free of charge to all account holders, a piece of software which has already been approved as meeting the requirements set down by HMRC.

The taxman stipulates that you must be able to produce both business and personal mileage records dating back six years. Failure to produce the documentation could mean a fine of up to £6,000 per year of non-compliance.

Using a system which fulfils HMRC criteria means there's no risk you will be in breach of the guidelines and you will be in full control of what your drivers spend and where.


Managing expenditure is about understanding your costs, which can be difficult when it's in an area as diverse as travelling expenses. However, the Allstar Card provides a management system which allows you to drill down into as much detail as you want, including where drivers are filling up and what type of fuel they are putting in.

This type of information, together with the vast network of Allstar fuel providers, means that you can enjoy all the benefits you need just from one account. An Allstar Card certainly provides you with discounted fuel, but that really is just the beginning.

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