The Benefits of a Breakdown Membership

29 April


The UK sees thousands of car breakdowns and vehicle problems every year and most drivers have experienced their vehicle breaking down at some point, whether at home or whilst driving.

Good vehicle maintenance goes a long way to avoiding breakdowns but it can’t prevent them completely. Whatever the emergency and wherever you are left stranded, most drivers opt to call for breakdown assistance.

All drivers have the option to call for breakdown assistance in an emergency but there are some big added benefits to having a breakdown membership.

Breakdown memberships will help to or completely cover the costs of assistance during a breakdown. There are many companies in the UK that provide breakdown cover and membership, each of which has their own added benefits and packages. Becoming a member with one of the breakdown companies has the added benefit of sparing you the upfront costs, which can often be very high, when an emergency happens. Paying monthly or yearly installments toward your membership will often cover these costs.

We have compared two of the most popular UK breakdown company memberships and the benefits they offer their customers.

AA Breakdown Cover 

AA is the most popular breakdown cover in the UK and the basic membership packages start at £29.99 a year. There are many additional services that you can add to the breakdown cover to protect you in different circumstances including; national recovery and home assistance. You can also include extra cover for costs like hotel rooms and rental cars if your car can’t be fixed. The AA normally try to fix any problems with your car within 30 minutes at the roadside and their normal expected waiting times are up to 40 minutes for assistance to arrive. They even have an app where you can track your AA patrol.

Other benefits of AA membership include;

  • Extra benefits for loyal customers providing silver and gold cover for long-term customers
  • Regular giveaways and competitions
  • Money- off  vouchers for meals out
  • Discounts on UK attractions

RAC Breakdown Cover

RAC membership begins at £27.99 a year for the most basic package which offers RAC roadside assistance. As a member of the RAC you can custom make your membership based on what you would like to be covered for. You can add recovery and home help to the basic roadside assistance package as well as many other benefits like European cover, key replacement and help with repair costs. Packages can be tailor- made to suit families and couples for wider coverage at a reduced cost. The RAC have an average assistance time of around 40 minutes in an emergency.

Other benefits of RAC membership include;

    • RAC product discounts
    • Special travel discounts and reductions
    • Money off of car repairs and parts in certain places
    • Offers on days out in the UK

Comparing the benefits

Both of these breakdown memberships and others available on the market offer their members peace of mind and many added benefits along with the cover provided. Comparing the UK breakdown services will help you to make a more informed choice over which one will better help you in an emergency.

Overall the benefits of having a breakdown membership are; peace of mind if the worst happens, financial stability so that you won’t have to face a large upfront fee and help to make emergencies a little less stressful.

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