The best cars of 2016 to include in your fleet

02 November


Fleet managers face a huge array of choices when deciding which vehicles should make the cut when updating their fleet.

Naturally, there is never a one-size-fits-all policy here and the main objective for fleet managers is to get the most reliable vehicles that are the best value for money. Here is a look at seven of the best vehicles that 2016 has to offer:


The BMW 3 series has long been a fleet favourite due its robust nature. With average fuel consumption from 74.3 mpg, it’s top of the class when it comes to efficiency, and is well worthy of a consideration.

£25k+ new


The Audi A4 has been a popular choice with firms for decades. The same upper price range as both the 3 series and the c-class, the newest model boasts the reliability of old with a splash of modern technology. This includes features such as the N-vidia powered virtual dashboard, that will no doubt continue to dominate higher-end fleets.

£25k+ new


One of two fords on the list, the firm have built up a reputation of providing top quality fleet service to customers considering purchasing. The Focus provides a low-cost, high quality vehicle, and can serve as a good all-rounder, whilst also being competent with fuel usage.

£16k+ new      


The 2016 model features cutting edge technologically, demonstrated by a truly modern interface and dashboard. Pair this with the renowned Mercedes reliability and fleet managers could do far worse than adding the c-class to their fleet - albeit at the higher end of the cost spectrum.

£27k+ new


Not the first car that pops into many fleet managers’ heads, the golf is a hugely reliable and relatively cheap option. Pioneers of self-coined ‘infotainment’ the golf is the perfect choice for a fleet manager in need of something a little different.

(£16k+ new)


Not only are hybrids better for the environment, they’re also extremely efficient with the little fuel they use - a hugely attractive prospect for fleet managers. The 2016 Prius builds upon what it does best - low emissions and a LOT of mileage for very little, justifying the relatively high initial outlay.

£23k+ new


Starting at just over £20,000 new, the Mondeo can be a shrewd addition to a fleet, with considerably less financial outlay needed to purchase or lease compared to their high-end counterparts. It’s hard to fault, so is well worth consideration.

£20k+ new

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