The Challenges of a Fleet Manager

08 April


From coping with fluctuating fuel prices to administering a fleet of temperamental vehicles whatever the weather, the worries of a commercial fleet manager have never been greater.

Modern UK fleet managers must juggle the demands of cost-efficiency, data systems and health and safety regulations, as well as the basic task of running an effective fleet. One of the biggest headaches is devising a system that effectively separates business and private mileage for all the company’s drivers.

Allstar – as Britain’s leading fuel card provider – is committed to making the lives of our customers easier. We are constantly working on ways to help.

You’ll probably already know about our itemised HMRC-approved VAT invoices, online account management and our 24-hour, seven-day customer help-line. We can assist fleet managers trying reduce your admin cost and time. We can also help you control what purchases your drivers can make while they’re out on the road. You can choose any fuel card restrictions. So you could allow your drivers to buy any fuel or food or you could restrict card usage to diesel payment only.

In addition, we also have an initiative to help fleet managers - the Business Mileage Monitor (BMM). BMM is a system to provide simple, accurate accounting of the split between business and private mileage that passes HMRC’s audit requirements.

Figures have recently been released that suggest a quarter of business mileage reports are over-estimated or simply made up, which means the Allstar BMM system is even more relevant to businesses right now.

Find out more about Allstar’s BMM products.

So although we cannot take away all of the stress the comes with managing a fleet of vehicles, we can help in a number of ways to make managing it easier and simpler. To find out how we can help you manage your fleet, not just with BMM products, please visit our services page here.

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