The Danger of Potholes

04 March


It seemed like just another morning commute to the office for a woman driver in Surrey. Suddenly the tarmac opened up into a pothole so big… that it swallowed her entire Vauxhall hatchback.

The unfortunate woman whose car tumbled into a crater in the A320 near Woking was an extreme example of the plague of potholes blighting our roads. Experts estimate there are now more than 2 million potholes across the UK, thanks to a decade of floods, freezes and under-funded road maintenance.

Huge potholes are becoming more common: in November a one-foot deep pothole 16ft wide appeared in the M25; in 2011 the front of a 4x4 tipped into a 4ft-deep hole in a Shropshire road; and in 2013 a 94-yard-long street in South Tyneside was reported to have a total of 80 potholes.

Worryingly, the RAC has reported that 16 percent of vehicles have been damaged by potholes in the last 12 months.

The local or national authority responsible for a road is legally required to maintain it. If they don't do this properly, and it damages your car, the law says they should pay the repair bill.

But how do you make a claim? The Allstar team has produced a free step-by-step guide to claiming compensation for pothole damage to your vehicle. View the guide here. 

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