The Office Christmas Party

08 February


Beware the dangers of driving the morning after your Christmas party

Everyone at Allstar looks forward to our Christmas party and we hope all our customers are looking forward to theirs too.

No writer wants to be the Christmas party pooper but this is the time of year to remind partygoers of the dangers of driving the morning after drinking. It’s a warning that could save your licence, potentially your livelihood – or even someone’s life.

So firstly, let us remind all businesses that if you will be supplying alcohol at your staff Christmas bash that you still have a have a duty of care to ensure your employees stay safe. You may have organised taxis to get everyone home but have you reminded your staff about the hazards of driving the morning after?

Many people think that they’ll be fine after a few hours sleep, regardless of how many units of alcohol they drink. Yet the grim truth is that a few hours sleep nor any amount of black coffee, water, fried breakfast or a shower will make any difference to how drunk you are, despite how you may feel.

The only thing that sobers you up is your liver processing alcohol and this takes approximately one hour for every unit consumed. So, if you drank a beer and a bottle of wine, the alcohol could take 12 hours to vacate your system.

The AA is Allstar’s partner motoring organisation. AA President Edmund King has warned of  the ‘urban myths’ surrounding  various hangover cures. They might make you feel better but the reality is that the only way to ensure you’re fit to drive the next day is to drink less the night before or allow your body more time to remove alcohol. 

His warning is simple: “The same penalties, such as a minimum year’s ban, for drink driving apply the morning after as they do the night before.”

So our advice for those attending a Christmas party this festive season is to have a fantastic time, but to ensure that you make plans to get home safely and to allow plenty of time before you get in a vehicle the day after.

Are you safe to drive? Halfords stock a range of DIY breathalizer kits.

How much can you drink before driving? The NHS has some sobering advice.

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