The real cost of football

17 March


With the Premier football season starting this weekend, we thought this was the perfect time to look back and see how much the teams spent on scoring those important premiership goals during the 2013/14 season.

Newcastle had to travel further than any other team for their games, spending 140 hours on the road, travelling 8,710 miles. On the other hand Aston Villa travelled the least but still spent 80 hours on the road, clocking up over 4,500 miles.

In total, the teams travelled for 2,135 hours across a distance of more than 121,000 miles – equivalent to travelling around the world just under five times! In the time players spent on the bus, 1,422 games could have been played.

In terms of how much fuel the teams use, the average distance a team bus will travel is 6,098 miles, which means they will use 3,080 litres of fuel, costing an average fuel total for the season of over £4,000 (based on an average fuel economy of 9mpg for a team bus). All the teams combined use 61,603 litres of fuel during the season generating a phenomenal total fuel bill of over £83,000 for the premiership.

We’ve even worked out what each goal has cost each club using our own premiership goal calculator (the maths is explained in the infographic!). Liverpool scored 48 away goals and travelled a total of 6,038 miles, so, by our calculations, each goal cost the team £86.50. Norwich, on the other hand, only scored 11 goals and travelled a total of 7,256 miles, so each goal cost the team £453.42 – quite a substantial difference for the two teams!

Had Sunderland used a fuel card to pay for their fuel, they could have potentially saved £87.10 and Norwich could have saved £72.56, ultimately making the price per goal a little cheaper! If all the clubs had used a fuel card, the total savings could have been more than £1,200.

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