The UK’s 5 busiest toll roads

27 April


Aside from fuel consumption, maintenance and insurance, your fleet carries another form of expense  

The price paid for passing through toll roads as drivers travel from A to B on journeys across the country. 

This means it’s worth strategising your journeys and payment plans so you save your business cash on the move. To help you make better decisions, here are the busiest toll roads in Great Britain, including tips on how to reduce costs if your fleet is using them regularly.

1. Mersey Gateway

Location – Halton, Cheshire

The Silver Jubilee Bridge is closed for maintenance until late 2018. However, the Mersey Gateway Bridge is still greeting hundreds of vehicles travelling daily between Widnes and Runcorn. Registering for a pre-paid Merseyflow account will save you up to 10% on every trip, for both crossings, while monthly off-peak and peak travel can be purchased for £60 and £90 respectively.

2. Toll charges on the M6

Location: Midlands

Travellers eager to skip congestion on the M6 can use a special motorway in the Midlands. It runs for 27 miles from Junction 3a, re-joining the main commuter route at 11a and bypassing dense traffic. Class 2 vehicles (i.e. anything that isn’t a bike) are liable for a ‘tag’ system to save toll charges on the M6. All you have to do is pay £1 per month, per vehicle, to get a 5% discount.

3. The Tyne Tunnels

Location: Newcastle Upon Tyne

This infrastructure links the upper side of the North East to Sunderland, Middlesbrough and North Yorkshire. Northbound vehicles have to pay when they leave, while travellers coming from the south must pay on arrival. Handily, there’s a 10% price cut for a TT2 permit. A minimum £15 payment is necessary for each journey, although you can top it up by telephone.

4. Second Severn Crossing

Location: Magor, West Wales 

Hopping to Wales from Bristol may lead your drivers to the second Severn Crossing over the River Severn. There’s a first crossing too, of course, forking off from the M4 northbound. Furthermore, another tag system is in place – season passes start at £98.56 for Class 1 vehicles. To put that in perspective, that’s the value of 18 trips, delivering a huge saving over the year if a member of the fleet visits regularly.

5. Dartford Crossing

Location: Purfleet/Dartford, on the rim of East London

Currently, there are no options to pay for Dartford Crossing at the toll booth. This government-run border over the Thames can only be accessed online, via the Dart Change account. One-off payments are an option for a full year; elsewhere, you can invest in pre-paid purchases, claiming up to a 33% discount. There’s also a unique status for local residents, who get an automatic price drop.

Remember too that you can claim toll charges back as allowable expenditure, to offset the tax you owe. Allstar cards all come with the ability to pay for the M6 Toll as standard, while the Allstar Plus Visa card processes toll payments through a single, pre-set business account for each driver you’re in charge of, so there’s a list of evidence for tax breaks.  

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