The UK’s Busiest A-roads

28 December


A lot of fuss has been made about the congestion on our motorways, but this is not an issue exclusive to the fast lane.

In fact, the UK’s A-roads are said to be in such a drastic state that plans have been made to convert them into ‘mini-motorways’. Ever wanted to know which roads are the worst offenders? Here are some of the UK’s busiest A-roads which a £15bn improvement scheme is targeting: 


Not far from London, the A40 receives a lot of the capital’s hustle and bustle, to many drivers’ dismay. London was recently reported as having the worst traffic in Europe, and sadly the A40 is no exception.  New London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has recently put the issue of congestion back on the agenda by heavily backing initiatives such as cycling to work in the hope that this will ease some of the strain on the capital’s roads.


Joining Andover and Amesbury together, the A303 was subject to ‘carmageddon’ over the summer when a combination of rail closures and hot weather meant a hugely congested bank holiday weekend for many. Plans to aid the congestion have included a proposal to shift the road route near Stongehenge. Despite garnering a great deal of support from motorists, there are significant barriers to overcome when it comes to persuading those determined to protect the sanctity of this historical site.


Slicing through Devon and Cornwall, the A30 is popular with those escaping for a weekend away, and sadly this means a frequently gridlocked road. Councillors in the region have even called for unorthodox methods such as using bus lanes when necessary – a sign of true desperation. One thing is for certain, congestion is making the journey to these holiday-havens, highway-hell.


The renowned A1, north of Newcastle, has attracted plenty of criticism throughout the years from disgruntled drivers. Due to open its improved 3-lane system (to be implemented next year), the roadworks to get this system in place has meant even more headaches for an already heavily over-subscribed road. Fingers crossed, the results will be worth it when the update is completed.


The A14 has been campaigned against for a long time with lobbyists demanding the government deal with what is perceived to be one of the county’s worst bottlenecks. Amazingly, the protests have paid off, with a £1.5 billion upgrade plan being announced in November 2016. The planned changes will cut an estimated 20 minutes off journeys and greatly reduce local congestion. However, this project will take time, and for now, the A14 remains best avoided at all costs.


A prominent route between Manchester and Chester, there have been plenty of requests for at least some sections of this road to be granted motorway status. Part of the route that lies between the M6 and the M56 is one of the most popular roads into Manchester which is perhaps why an upgrade has been granted. For now though, the road remains prone to congestion and is best left avoided if you want to get anywhere in a hurry! 

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