The worries of a fleet manager

07 December


What do you worry about as a fleet manager?

These are tough times for the UK’s fleet managers. Whether they are a single operator with one van or a major multi-site company with a huge mixed fleet to oversee, the combined pressures of running business vehicles have never been greater.

Of course, the number-one stress factor is, and always has been, cost efficiency. Successful business demands the highest possible return for the lowest possible cost. For fleet bosses this means constant evaluation of factors like the cost of admin, costs incurred by drivers on the road and predicting fuel price changes.

This is where Allstar is able to help. Our itemised HMRC-approved VAT invoices, online account management tools and a 24/7 customer help-line can assist fleet managers in trying to reduce the cost and time spent on admin.

We can also help you control what purchases your drivers can make while they’re out on the road. You can choose any fuel card restrictions. So you could allow your drivers to buy any fuel or food or you could simply restrict card usage to diesel payment only.

Worried about fluctuations in fuel prices? Allstar can help there too. We can provide your fleet with access to the lowest-price pumps locally or even provide fuel at a fixed price so that you can predict your future fuel costs.

How else can a fuel card provider help the day-to-day life of a fleet manager?

Well, for a start, Allstar’s wide range of fuel cards gives you a chance to choose a tailored fuel purchasing system that perfectly suits your business model. For example, do you need a fixed network of low-price local forecourts or a flexible national network?

We can offer you cost and time-saving with our partnerships with vital motoring organisations like the Automobile Association, National Windscreens and ATS Euromaster tyre services.

Business fuel cards also give over-stretched fleet managers stress-reducing features, like greater control over expenses, increased cost visibility and the chance to monitor individual driver’s mpg. That’s why more than 38,000 business fleet managers have chosen to use Allstar, the UK’s largest fuel card network.

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