The Wrong Stuff

19 March


We think it’s time to tackle the dangers of filling up with the wrong fuel.

That’s why we’ve launched a simple system to help you and your drivers escape the worst delays and costs caused by mis-fuelling.

Allstar’s new link with the AA Fuel Assist Service comes after the latest figures show the risk of mis-fuelling is reaching new levels. On average, one of us pumps the wrong fuel into our vehicle every three-and-a-half minutes. Based on this, we estimate that there are now around 150,000 cases of mis-fuelling a year.

The typical cost for a garage fuel drain is around £300 but repairs can exceed £5,000 depending on the level of contamination. Some manufacturers recommend changing parts, filters and seals and in the worst cases, you can ruin your engine completely.

With our partnership with AA Fuel Assist Service you simply call the AA as soon as you realise that you have mis-fuelled. They hope to get any vehicle which has been mis-fuelled back on the road within 120 minutes of a call. Find out how to add this benefit to your Allstar account

To help prevent the wrong fuel from reaching your tank in the first place, check out our top tips below:

• Put on the free disposable gloves before you handle the diesel pump. The few seconds it takes gives you time to think: “Am I using the right fuel?”

• Beware that mis-fuelling is most common on Monday mornings and Friday evenings when your mind is often elsewhere

• Fit a preventative device to the filler cap. A sophisticated restrictor, like the British-made Diesel Head (diesel head) costs around £40, much less than the cost of draining a tank. The device won’t allow a petrol nozzle into a diesel filler tube

• Fix a clear label inside your filler flap reminding you which fuel to use.

• And if you realise you have mis-fuelled, don’t turn on your engine

If all else fails and you do accidentally use the wrong fuel in your car, call the AA Fuel Assist Service.

Find out more why we have partnered with AA Fuel Assist.

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