Top 5 cheapest van models to fill up

03 April


Value for money: Top 5 cheapest van models to fill up 

A few weeks ago, we shared a list of the most cost-friendly cars to run. This is a huge part of your fleet expenditure; knowing which vehicles consume the least cash on the road is going to save you (potentially) thousands of pounds every year.

Allstar want to do the same for fleet van fuel consumption. Again, we’ve done our research* to find a selection of vans that fit the bill. Here are five vehicles to consider investing in, if you want to avoid sky-high fuel charges. 

1. Renault Traffic II

Vans and the Renault brand are an impeccable pairing. For decades, this manufacturer has been taking the crown for great, affordable load vehicles. The new generation of Renault vans is 21cm longer than its predecessor, has a two-tone moulding design in the cabin, and excellent suspension for rough journeys. 

  • MPG: 47.2
  • Tank size: 19.7 gallons
  • Cost of half refill: £55.23
  • Cost of full refill: £110.45

2. Nissan NV300

It’s built in the same factories as the Renault Traffic series, and represents a comeback on the scene for Nissan, who ceased van development temporarily in 2014. Yet they’ve returned with a lot to prove – in terms of fleet van consumption, you get a single or twin-turbo 1.6 litre diesel engine with four choices of horsepower. 

  • MPG: 47.9
  • Tank size: 17.6 gallons
  • Cost of half refill: £49.09
  • Cost of full refill: £98.18

3. Ford Transit Courier

For a smaller vehicle, we can’t recommend the Transit Courier enough. It arrives with cutting edge technology such as voice-command interfaces and GPS connectivity. Grip performance is strong thanks to the Traction Control System. And in terms of a modest, compact delivery van, it’ll save on your fuel intake. 

  • MPG: 76.3
  • Tank size: 10.3 gallons
  • Cost of half refill: £28.84
  • Coast of full refill: £57.68

4. Peugeot Boxer

This is a larger van than those we’ve already looked at. Coming in a ‘panel’ or ‘window’ design, the Peugeot Boxer has an integrated navigation touchscreen on the dashboard. Furthermore, it can load up to 17m worth of goods, in addition to economising your fleet van fuel consumption on diesel top-ups.

  • MPG: 47.1
  • Tank size: 17.6 gallons
  • Cost of half refill: £49.09
  • Cost of full refill: £98.18

5. Vauxhall Movano

There’s a lot to enjoy here – the six-way adjustable seat, an arm rest for the driver, a payload capacity of 3.5 tonnes. But there are also fourteen length/height combinations, making the Movano an amazingly versatile carrier. Prices start at around £14,000, so they’re fairly reasonable as a fuel-efficient choice for long-haul journeys. 

  • MPG: 42.8
  • Tank size: 21.9 gallons
  • Cost of half refill: £61.36
  • Cost of full refill: £122.73

These are some of the finest examples of how to save on your fleet van fuel consumption. Yet beyond a well-built vehicle, you should stay on-point with the amount of diesel and petrol your drivers are racking up. An Allstar Fuel Card lets you set an allotted expense limit, so you can keep a tight grip on your outgoings.

Get in touch if you’re still unsure how to save on fuel payments. We have other services too, in case this need extends to further areas of your fleet management.

*Estimates based on April 2018 prices detailed by the Allstar’s UK fuel price information.

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