Top 5 Sat Nav’s on the UK market

07 July


We take a look at the different Sat-Nav's the UK has to offer

Many fleets use Sat Nav technology to help them get from A to B on a daily basis. They help drivers to navigate on UK roads with ease and efficiency, giving greater control over travel and helping businesses stay on time.

Some believe that the influx of Smartphones with GPS capabilities would slowly push Sat Nav’s out. However, a short comparison between the two clearly shows a winner when it comes to long-term navigation, especially for those who rack up the miles.

Sat Navs

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Smartphone GPS


Considering this, we’ve taken some advice from tech radar and Auto Express to help us find the UK’s top 5 Sat Navs in 2015.

These two companies tested numerous sat nav’s currently on the market with the view to compare their accuracy, ease of use, extra features and most importantly, price.

Extra features across the board which were considered consisted of:

  • Re-routing
  • Traffic alerts
  • Speed warnings

So without further delay, see below our Top 5 Sat Nav's having taken some advice from tech radar and Auto Express.

Number 5

Binatone U605

Best price: £79.99

Number 4

Garmin nuvi 3490LMT

Best price: £269

Number 3

Snooper Pro SC5700 DVR

Best price: £249.99

Number 2

TomTom Go 5000

Best price: £173.30

Number 1

TomTom GO 6000

Best price: £239

Don’t forget, Allstar also offers helpful ways for drivers to find fuel sites. A Site Locator on the Allstar website, a Fuel Finder App; available on the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store (for those who still want to use their smartphones!) and you can also download fuel sites to your TomTom, Garmin, KML or Navman. Find out more here.

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