UK drivers & warning lights

12 March


The problem with vehicle warning lights

Is confusing car technology putting your fleet at risk?

Technology never pauses to ask how we’re keeping up. It just races on, sometimes to the detriment of its users.

Our vehicles, for instance, are getting far more capable, smart and complex. We need them for daily life, but we’re understanding them less and less; a big problem, potentially, for businesses that rely on a fleet.

Awareness is an important part of staying safe on the road. Yet, according to a recent survey, almost half of UK road users find modern vehicles tough to decode. Warning lights in particular are causing issues, as we explain:

A culture of confusion

In the aforementioned survey, 48% of participants did not understand what all of their dashboard symbols meant. Another report by Dacia upped that to 70%. In the same study, one in ten said they were unsure of every warning symbol they might be shown.

The problem isn’t new; in 2013, Contract Hire and Leasing found that a staggering 71% of motorists failed to identify a ‘tyre pressure’ warning light, and 35% were unclear on what an ‘airbag’ light was.

It’s a worrying fact that even the most basic warning lights – indicating a repair or low petrol – go unheeded, simply because a driver may not have the time or understanding to address it.

Taking the initiative and knuckling down

Ignoring warning lights on the dashboard is a threat to both the driver’s safety and the longevity of their vehicle. They are telling us that something isn’t right, so it’s our duty to listen or we shouldn’t be handed the responsibility of control.

What can a fleet member do in response?

Outside of picking up the manual and learning every warning light in the vehicle, is there a course of action that can benefit your drivers? The simple answer is yes, providing you take in other technologies for a streamlined response.

Our ServicePoint facility can help your drivers locate the nearest garage from a database of over 9,000 repair centres in Great Britain. If a warning light appears, they can drop in or book an appointment to diagnose the problem before it gets worse.

Furthermore, as every approved garage carries an average saving for Allstar customers, your repair will be cheaper. Maintenance, service charges and MOTs are all covered by our partnerships, so keeping on top of vehicle care doesn’t put a strain on your budget.

No business can afford to put the safety of its drivers and vehicles at risk. But with ServicePoint, you don’t have to. Invest in us today, and combat warning light confusion once and for all.

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