Value for Money: The Top 5 Cheapest Car Models to Fill Up

16 March


Fuel is an inescapable expense when running a fleet of small vehicles for your business.

Yet not all cars are equal. Some will guzzle fuel a lot quicker than others. Choosing an efficient vehicle will keep those costs low, benefiting your bottom line.

To rein those expenses in, Allstar have analysed which models are the cheapest* to run on the road. These five picks are sure to limit fleet car fuel consumption for any medium-sized business.

1. Mazda2

We’re choosing a diesel car first, because new models still represent the most efficient form of fuelled transport, if we don’t count electric or hybrids. The Mazda2 is an award-winning hatchback with ‘Jinba Ittai’ technology that uses machine learning to improve your drive.

  • MPG: 83
  • Tank size: 9.7 gallons/44 litres
  • Cost of half refill: £26.88
  • Cost of full refill: £53.76

2. Skoda Citigo

On to petrol now – your fleet car fuel consumption is going to be economised with the Skoda Citigo, perfect for drivers who don’t need to take a lot with them on a business trip. The design is very compact, yet has surprising room for two adult seaters in the back. It comes with a 1.0-litre, three-cylinder engine.  

  • MPG: 69
  • Tank size: 7.7 gallons/35 litres
  • Cost of half refill: £20.89
  • Cost of full refill: £41.79

3. Suzuki Celerio

Offering more space than the Skoda model, and around £1,000 cheaper upfront, the Suzuki Celerio is brilliant for highway driving. Today, it remains one of Britain’s cheapest new cars. The fact that it does more miles to the gallon than its competitors do surely helps towards that status.

  • MPG: 79
  • Tank size: 7.7 gallons/35 litres
  • Cost of half refill: £20.89
  • Cost of full refill: £41.79

4. Dacia Sandero

Again, for a brand-new price tag, the Sandero is hard to beat: the lower end of the range starts at £6,000. More premium models come with central locking, Bluetooth and electric front windows. Yet the diesel efficiency is what buyers come to…

  • MPG: 80
  • Tank size: 10.9 gallons/49 litres
  • Cost of half refill: £29.25
  • Cost of full refill: £58.51

5. Vauxhall Corsa

It’s often regarded as the best small car in the UK market. A number of cool features – such as a colour touch screen and in-car GPS system – justify the £17,000+ for a mid-range Corsa. For the purpose of fleet car fuel consumption, we recommend the 1.3 diesel option, which keeps it in-step with the appeal of a Ford or a Skoda.

  • MPG: 82
  • Tank size: 9.9 gallons/45 litres
  • Cost of half refill: £27.49
  • Cost of full refill: £54.99


top 5 table new 

When you’ve finalised the fleet you want, it’s pertinent to measure what fuel your drivers are paying for, wherever they are on the job. Our fuel cards can help you keep track of your fuel costs, so you can monitor the real-time impact of your fuel-saving initiatives. Call us for more information, or discover our further services for smart fleet management.


*Estimates based on February 2017 prices found on Allstar’s UK fuel price update.

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