VRs use for vehicle training

01 September


With technology becoming an active part of our lives, it’s important to know about the new developments in your own industry.

You may have heard about how VR headsets are making gaming more exciting, even how the Gorillaz used VR technology to make a music video for their song, ‘Saturnz Barz’, but now VR headsets are helping teach people how to drive.

VR will teach students how to drive while mimicking the everyday distractions that are common in driving. Set up as a driving simulator, the aim is to teach young drivers how to focus while the radio is on, ignore their phone when it receives a text message or phone call and anticipate the moves of the drivers around them.

As anticipation and being aware of the dangers of the road is the way to avoid accidents, as well as being able to focus despite distractions, it is hoped that, the introduction of VR headsets will reduce the accident rate on roads worldwide.

Some companies have used simulators for their training for a fair few years, but with a VR headset there will be a completely new, more immersive, prospect on the cards.

Novus Res have created driving simulators for some heavy machinery and HGVs, which have won them many awards. Now this technology has been around for a while, the question we need to ask ourselves is when will it become standard training instead of niche training for businesses?

With the DVLA testing with VR headsets and many taking on board how immersive and engaging it is, as well as the low price that it is available at, most of the DVLA’s employees enjoyed their experience.

So in the upcoming years, could we see theory tests done in a VR world that incorporates worse incidents such as a break down, flat tyre or emergency stop?

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