What not to do… With your fuel card

08 September


Kept in your back pocket alongside petty cash, or even loose in your vehicle, your fuel cards are used on average 10-12 times a week.

Kept like this, your fuel card is at risk of breaking a lot faster than their banking counterparts will. But what part is likely to fail first?

The Chip

Made from silicon, the Chip is inserted into the plastic of the card. Slightly raised, it can be scraped easily. However, if the silicon in the Chip cracks, the chip becomes unreadable.

The mag stripe

The mag stripe on the back of the card is full of account data, but a simple magnet can destroy all this as the mag stripe is full of magnetic particles. So, if you have a fabric phone case with a magnet clasp, be careful. Similarly, any scratches on the mag stripe will also destroy the data.

What not to do

So, keep your card away from any magnets, opting to put it in your wallet alongside your other cards. Not only will it keep it safer and work for far longer, it will guarantee you will always know where it is.

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