What’s next for the 21st-century fleet vehicle?

04 December


We take a look at what's in store for 2016

It’s the time of year when motoring writers get to thinking about where the industry stands at the moment.  The gloomy weather may be drawing in but from here it appears that we are embarking on a red-hot technological revolution that will transform the way fleets and road transportation operates.

By this we don’t just mean the spread of technology into the world of commercial driving. Nor do we mean this year’s startling plans to create driverless vehicles.  Admittedly though, we are seeing an influx of gadgets such as  dash-cams, alcohol sensors, parking cameras, head-up sat-navs and tyre-pressure monitors.

No, instead of all that, the striking motoring fact of the year is that the use of electric vehicles is soaring. The latest figures (October 2015) show there are now 43,000 plug-in cars on our roads and 2,800 plug-in vans.

Needless to say, the manufacturing industry is moving quickly to cater for this growing demand; it’s no longer just the Nissan Leaf and a couple of quirky homemade models. There are already 36 different plug-in models available to buy, ranging from supercars to crew-cab vans. And the infrastructure is racing to keep up too – there are now 9,300 charging points across the country.

In fact, the UK is now Europe’s fast-growing plug-in vehicle market, with a rise of 139% year on year. It means that more than 1% of our vehicles now fall into the ultra-low emission category. Interestingly, two thirds of ultra low emission vehicles registered in the UK this year were bought for fleet and business use.

These ULEV's are likely to continue to grow rapidly. The government are working towards a 100% ULEV market for new vehicles by 2040. How will that affect our businesses?

The green website goultralow.com, which is supported by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, has produced a free online guide on the pros and cons of plug-in vehicles for business fleet managers. It’s available here.

Can’t afford to change your fleet to plug-in vehicles? Why not simply update your fleet with some of today’s high-tech accessories? Read out blog on top tech.

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