Which is Britain’s worst motorway?

29 January


Most professional drivers spend a large chunk of their working lives on Britain’s motorways meaning they have little choice but to use them, dislike or not.

But in general, most of us have a love/hate relationship with them.

So we thought we’d research which of the UK’s motorways really deserve our disdain. We wanted to find Britain’s worst motorway…

Fuel Price

Firstly, we all know motorway services charge their captive clientele more for fuel – but which motorway has the highest priced pumps?

Prices constantly change of course but we’re grateful to Daily Mail Transport Editor Ray Massey for his report on motorway fuel prices. Petrol and diesel pumps at 133 motorway forecourts were monitored over a seven-month period. The report found that there can be a difference of 20p a litre between different services, even on the same motorway.

The M42 in the Midlands and the M61 in Lancashire regularly featured the costliest fuel. The nearby M65 however is one of the cheapest, along with the M8 in Scotland. M42 fuel was sometimes 20p a litre pricier than the national average.

Where is the priciest petrol on the motorway network?  Read the report.


The quality of surfaces is declining while the time spent on repairs is increasing. No wonder that a third of road journeys are now plagued by a roadwork delay.

A recent survey found that the M1 tops the charts for annoying roadworks. The worst motorways for number of delays caused by maintenance and repairs were:

1. M1

2. M6

3. M25

4. M5

5. M4

6. M62

7. M3

8. M60

9. M40

10. M8

(Source: LV= Road Rescue)


And finally, perhaps most importantly, which motorways have the worst safety record?

We unearthed a survey of the worst accident blackspots on our motorways. These are the roads to avoid:

1. M621

The M621 between the M1 and M62 sees the largest number of accidents. The worst stretch is between J2 and J2a in Leeds.

2. M62

In particular, where the M62 joins the M621 at J27, there is a maze of more than 40 junctions, blind corners and uneven road surfaces contributing to three miles of exceptionally dangerous tarmac.

3. M25

The M25 is Britain’s busiest motorway and offers 100 miles of variable speed limits and up to six lanes. It’s a serious driving challenge. The M25 was named our most dangerous road in 2001, after crashes caused 85 hours of congestion and 18 road closures in one month but has improved slightly since then.

4. M65

This five-mile stretch road runs from the M65 to the A666 to Bolton. Recent improvements have reduced accident figures but caution is still needed.

5. M5

Growing accident figures on the M5 are causing concern. The M5’s history includes multiple vehicle pile-ups and cars regularly crossing the central reservation.

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