Here are Allstar, we've got your fuel management needs sorted.

We’re experts in providing fuel solutions for businesses, so we're confident that we can help to keep your company on the road, save you time and money while giving you greater control over your fuel costs.

Why choose Allstar?

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Expertise in fuel management

We’ve been serving businesses for over 40 years. Our expertise and range of solutions help reduce your fuel costs and simplify administration.

Understanding of your business needs

We work across the UK and are trusted by over 40,000 businesses, helping you to manage your fuel and businesses expense needs.

Providing the UK's largest fuel card network

We offer the best fuel card capability to enhance your business, with access the UK’s largest fuel card network, covering all major fuel brands and low cost supermarket sites.

12 fleet management strategies to help you keep your business moving

  • Understand the cost of fuel
  • Choose the right fuel for the job
  • Put in place a travel policy
  • Get a grip on clean air zones
  • Read our whitepaper for advice to help you prepare for your year ahead.


Managing your overseas business travel expenses

Keeping on top of expenses when you work in manufacturing can get really complicated. At Allstar, we can tidy up the process for you, so you can effectively:

  • Assess the cost of foreign business travel for your business
  • Learn about how to reclaim VAT on business expenses incurred in the EU
  • Uncover the hidden tricks of currency conversion
  • See how to put in place an effective overseas expense policy

What factors can affect fuel prices?

Having an awareness of global pressures on fuel prices is essential for keeping a tight control on your budgets. There are many factors that can affect the cost of fuel for your business, including:

  • Political disputes
  • Natural disasters
  • Supply and demand
  • Governmental environmental legislation
  • Download our whitepaper for more information on how to make significant fuel savings.
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