Allstar One Electric

Our combined fuel and electric charging card

All your fuel needs covered... now and in the future


Convenient recharging and reduced range anxiety


An ideal solution for hybrid vehicles and multi-fuel fleets


One HMRC-compliant invoice and flexible payment terms


Watch how simple Allstar One Electric makes paying for electric vehicle charging on the road.

Simplify the management of a multi fuel fleet

The UK fuel market has seen the introduction of a number of new alternative fuels in the recent years.  Allstar One Electric helps put Fleet Managers in control of the new challenges these can bring. 

Keep drivers productive and on the road

Allstar One Electric combines  the benefits of our Allstar One fuel card with the ability to pay for electric vehicle charging across a multi-brand network. In short, one card can deliver all your fleet's fuelling needs.

Reduce range anxiety

Allstar One Electric gives you access to a growing multi-brand network of over 3,700 charging points across 1,500 locations. To make things even easier our site locator and mobile app help drivers locate their nearest compatible charge point.

  • 8 charge point providers; Gronn Kontakt, GeniePoint, Source London, Alfa Power, ESB Energy, Hubsta, Franklin LiFe and Osprey
  • Get back on the road with access to 1,073 rapid chargers and over 2,500 fast chargers
  • Reduce range anxiety with UK-wide charging coverage
  • Range of pricing options for electric charging so you stay in control

Simplify expenses and VAT reclaim

All transactions across all fuel types are combined into one HMRC-compliant invoice, lightening your administration load. 

  • No need to keep receipts
  • Ensuring all VAT on fuel is fully recovered
  • Full visibility of spend across your fleet

I'd like Allstar One Electric for my fleet

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