Allstar One Fuel Card

One card. One bespoke Fleet Management Solution.

Spend less on diesel

Company credit cards don’t give you access to discounted fuel at the pumps and, if your drivers are simply claiming back mileage each month, you’re usually paying over the odds.

When you use an Allstar One card, you’ll save money on every litre of diesel purchased across our Discount Diesel network, helping you keep a tight rein on your fuel costs.

Improve your driver efficiency

Drivers going out of their way to fill up with fuel causes delays and costs you money. With the UK’s largest network of more than 7700 conveniently located fuel sites, you’re never far from an Allstar site.

Over 90% of fuel sites in the UK accept an Allstar card, including all major oil brands and supermarkets and we’re adding more all the time. This means that your drivers don’t have to deviate from their routes to refuel.

Make claiming expenses easy

Fill up. Don’t fill out. VAT returns cause significant administrative headaches for most organisations.

With an Allstar One card, you’ll receive one consolidated HMRC approved invoice, lightening your administrative load.

We record all transaction information at the point of sale, including the VAT breakdown, so you don’t need to keep receipts.

And you can separate your drivers’ private and business mileage with Business Mileage Monitor, making your HMRC compliance easier.

Safeguard against card fraud

Don’t leave your organisation open to the threat of fraud. The Allstar One card increases your fuel card security through our chip technology.

You can configure each card so that your drivers can only purchase certain products, such as specific types of fuel or consumables, including engine oil or car washes.

These configurable purchase limitations work hand in hand with our Level 3 line data reporting to give you a clear picture of your drivers’ spend.

Take control of your fuel management

Your business is unique, so we understand that your fuel solution needs to be the right one.

That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to choose which fuel card services you need to master your vehicles.

With an Allstar One card, your drivers can pay for any extras you choose - from servicing, maintenance and repair, to toll payments & roadside assistance, you’re in charge.

  • Service, maintenance and repair at a nationwide network of garages through ServicePoint
  • Discounted windscreen repair through National Windscreens
  • Savings on AA roadside assistance
  • Discounted tyre repair and replacement
  • Emergency assistance in the event of mis-fuelling through the AA
  • Payment of the M6 Tolls
  • Discounted Vehicle Rental
  • Online account management tools

We don’t think your drivers should have to carry multiple cards to look after their vehicles and with an Allstar One fuel card they won’t have to.

Allstar One Fuel Card