Understanding Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

What is Strong Customer Authentication?

To help protect you against fraud, new banking regulations have introduced an extra layer of security called Strong Customer Authentication or SCA.

SCA uses a two-step verification method to confirm a user’s claimed identity by using something they know (e.g. password) and a second factor of either something they have (e.g. card/phone) or something they are (e.g. fingerprint).

SCA and your Allstar account

SCA has been introduced on Allstar Visa card accounts and any account that has chosen to take advantage of our new digital PIN capability.

As a result, on top of your sign in process for Allstar Online this extra layer of security will require you to authenticate your account with a One-Time Code (OTC). This means that we can be sure you’re who you say you are, reducing the risk of any unauthorised access to your online account.

Your online account will be updated automatically and ready for you to authenticate.

How does it work?

1) To access your Allstar Online account, enter your username and password via the link: www.allstaronline.co.uk.

2) A pop up box will show a masked email address that is registered to your account, for example: s********@allstarcard.co.uk. You’ll only be able to log in to your account if you have access to this mail box.

3) If you have access to this mail box, click ‘Continue’ to receive your unique OTC.

4) Once received, enter this password into the pop up box which requires the OTC and click ‘Submit’. You’ll now be logged in to Allstar Online.

Key things to know about your One-Time Code

• It’s valid for 11 minutes.

• If your password expires or if you don’t receive it as expected, a OTC can be resent to your email address.

• If you enter an invalid OTC or password combination 3 times, you will be locked out of your account. If this happens, please contact our customer support team who can unlock your account.

For more information or support to access your OTC, email our team via fastadmin@allstarcard.co.uk.