Allstar ServicePoint

Award Winning

Fleet Maintenance Management

We’re proud that ServicePoint was recognised for Innovation in Service, Maintenance and Repair at The Great British Fleet Awards, and also won the Service, Maintenance, Repair category at the BusinessCar Fleet Technology awards. Request a callback today to find out how we can help you to improve the efficiency of your fleet maintenance management.

Cost Effective

Monitor your business’ cash flow

Thanks to our strong relationship with UK garages, we’ve been able to pre-negotiate competitive rates at hundreds of locations. All job costings are validated by manufacturer data, meaning you’ll never be overcharged for any work carried out on your vehicles. You can also download monthly reports which means you can monitor your business’ maintenance activities with ease.


Streamline your fleet maintenance management

With ServicePoint, all work on your fleet is approved directly with the garage before it is carried out, meaning you’ll never be hit with unwanted charges. The platform allows users to receive automated reminders for service and MOT events, as well as consolidated HMRC-compliant invoices, eliminating the stress that comes with physical paperwork. You can also view the service history of your vehicles and you can even add, delete or amend vehicles as your fleet changes. All from a simple online portal.


Access our extensive network of UK Service Centres

Users of ServicePoint are able to use our extensive nationwide network of thousands of garages, tyre and glass specialists and franchised dealers. You can book vehicles in for work via our online portal at a time that is convenient to you, without the need for a trade account. Use our interactive map below to find out where you can use ServicePoint.


Saving you time

Use one secure online platform to manage all your vehicle maintenance bookings, approve work to be carried out, and view your consolidated HMRC compliant invoices. You can easily view the service history of your vehicles and can even add, delete or amend vehicles as your fleet changes, all from a simple online portal.

Where can you use ServicePoint?

You can book any of these garages via our online portal. Selected garages offer additional services including collection and delivery, courtesy vehicles and mobile servicing. Take a look at the map below and see which of your local garages you can start saving at.

How does it work?

All maintenance work requires approval, so you can understand the price for the job before it takes place.

Garages create job costings validated by manufacturer data, so you won't be overcharged; our built-in rules engine immediately flags work which requires further explanation. It means you know exactly what’s happening, you understand why the price is what it is and you are invoiced only for what’s been approved. For example, it will flag if you have been charged for 8 litres of oil on an annual service, when the oil tank on the vehicle only holds 6 litres. You can then request the garage to only charge you for the correct amount.

Servicepoint Savings Table


Find out even more

To find out even more about ServicePoint, download our brochure.

Apply for ServicePoint

Ready to transform how you control your fleet maintenance? Call 0808 250 2287 or request a callback today. ServicePoint is available to all, you don’t have to have an an Allstar fuel card.

ServicePoint FAQs

What is the main telephone number I need to know?

Call 0808 250 2287 for any ServicePoint enquiries, including authorising work and any invoice queries.

What vehicle maintenance work does ServicePoint cover?

• Servicing
• Repairs
• MOTs
• Tyres
• Glass
• Mobile Servicing (at selected garages)
• Vehicle Collection and Delivery (at selected garages)
• Courtesy vehicles (at selected garages)

ServicePoint does not currently cover vehicle hire or breakdown cover.

How do I apply to join ServicePoint?

Call 0808 250 2287 and advise that you would like to join ServicePoint; you will need to complete and return an application form, including a Direct Debit mandate. You will then receive confirmation if your application has been approved.

When can I start using ServicePoint?

As soon as we get confirmation that your application has been approved, we will start loading your vehicles on to the platform. Typically, it takes 24-48 hours to complete the set-up.

How do I use ServicePoint?

The portal is simple and intuitive to use. Contact us and we will be happy to give you a walkthrough of the features and functionality. Alternatively, you can download our user guide, which outlines how to use the system or watch our handy videos, which explain how to undertake various tasks within the portal.

How do I access the ServicePoint portal?

Visit to access the ServicePoint portal and use your username and password to log in.

How can I book in a vehicle for maintenance work?

There are three ways that you can book in a vehicle.
• For Fleet Controllers – Log onto your ServicePoint portal (, click on Book and follow the steps to book online. Watch our video to see how.
• For Drivers – Use the driver booking portal to make a booking. Go to, click on Services, then ServicePoint Login, then Book a Vehicle and follow the steps.
• For Fleet Controllers and Drivers – Call our direct booking line on 0808 250 3896 and one of the team will take your vehicle details and undertake the booking.

How do I book in tyre work?

We have a nationwide account with National Tyres and Autocare (NTA).
To book in, either:
• Call 0808 250 3896 and a ServicePoint Representative will do the rest.
• Log on to your ServicePoint portal, click on Book. In the Work Details section, click the Tyres button and enter the size and make of the tyres which need repair or replacement in the Other Work Requests box. In the garage directory, enter NTA into the garage name to find the closest branch of NTA.

What happens if I don’t book in advance?

We always recommend that you pre-book to ensure your requirement is met, but if you don’t the garage typically check the vehicle registration to ascertain if is part of ServicePoint. If it is, they will proceed to process the work as a ServicePoint transaction.

Which garages are in your network?

Our extensive, nationwide network of thousands of garages includes franchised dealers, tyre specialists, independent garages and glass specialists. Using the site locator in the Where can you use ServicePoint? section above, you can view the garages in your area which are part of our network. Simply click Select your card and then click ServicePoint.

How can I authorise work on a vehicle? 

• When a vehicle requires authorisation for work, you will receive a notification email.

• Log onto the ServicePoint portal ( and authorise the work or decline if you have a query on the nature of the work. Watch our video to see how.

• Alternatively you can call 0808 250 2287 to verbally approve the work. 

How do I pay for the vehicle maintenance work?

All vehicle maintenance work that is undertaken via ServicePoint is billed directly to your Allstar account, providing you with centralised billing. It will be included in your Allstar invoice.

What if I forget my password?

Call 0808 250 2287 and ask one of our team to reset your password.

How do I setup a new user for the portal?

Call 0808 250 2287 and ask one of our team to add an additional user to the system for you.