At the top right of the screen, click ‘change password’. Type in your current password and your new password into the boxes provided. When complete, click ‘change password’ to confirm.

Passwords should contain at least one upper case letter, at least one lower case letter and one number or special character. Passwords should be more than seven characters long.

Yes. At the top right of the screen, click ‘change password’. Enter your current password into the three boxes provided and then enter your new security question and answer. When complete, click ‘change password’ to confirm.

Your account will lock when you enter your password incorrectly three times. To unlock your account, please contact your administrator.

To switch between multiple accounts, use the ‘company name’ drop down box to select the company account you want to view.

The company account name is displayed on the left of the screen, above the menu options.

The search box allows you to search using a card number to find details of a driver or vehicle.

To use it simply enter the card number into the box and click the magnifying glass icon.

  • Active – this card is live
  • Awaiting embossing – this card is waiting to be embossed
  • Cancelled – this card is no longer live
  • Hot listed – this card has been blocked because it’s lost or stolen
  • Replaced – this card has been replaced
  • Expired – this card has expired
  • Pending renewal modifications – this card will be renewed shortly

This page allows you to search for cards using specific parameters and allows you to perform actions/updates. Your card list can also be exported to Microsoft Excel.

Yes. To change the number of rows displayed click the ‘rows per page’ dropdown box and select either 5 or 50 rows per page.

You can export data to Microsoft Excel anywhere you see the ‘export to Excel’ icon. This will happen automatically when clicked.

When you move your mouse over a card number a list of functions will appear. On active cards the following will be displayed:

  • Recent transactions (Clicking here will take you to the Card Transaction screen.)
  • Block card (Clicking here will allow you to report a card as lost or stolen. It will also allow you to order a replacement card.)
  • Move card (Clicking here will allow you to move the card to another one of your accounts.)
  • Replace card (Clicking here will allow you to replace the card chosen.)
  • Cancel card (Clicking here will cancel the card and stop any renewal cards being issued.)

If you wish to cancel a card, please follow these steps:

  • Search for the active card you wish to cancel
  • When the results are displayed, move your mouse over the card you wish to cancel. A list of functions will be displayed
  • Click the ‘cancel card’ function

An onscreen message will then appear confirming deletion and the card status will change from active to cancelled.

Yes. To create a card group, click on the create card group menu option and you will be presented with a blank field. In this field, type the name of your chosen card group.

Yes. You can add a payroll number into the additional information fields provided.

Yes. The time of each transaction is displayed in the ‘sales date & time column’ within the card transactions page.

Yes. If you uncheck the ‘billed transaction only’ tick box you can view both billed and unbilled transactions.

All data goes back six months.

To view more details or request a copy voucher, click on the card number you are interested in. Further details will display on screen and the ‘request copy voucher’ button will appear further down the page.

PDF invoices will be accessible for seven years and Excel versions will be accessible for six months.

Yes. If you uncheck the ‘show only unpaid items’ tick box you can view both paid and unpaid invoices.

To get a copy, please follow these steps:
• Go to the invoices and payments page
• Select the ‘from’ and ‘to’ dates that you wish to view
• A list of invoices will then appear
• Move your mouse over the invoice you want to get a copy of and click the black plus symbol that appears
• When the black plus is clicked, the invoice, a PDF logo and an Excel logo will appear
• Click either of these logos to download your invoice

Please note: the Excel version will only show transactions, not fees

Your spend summary will go back six months.

The columns headed ‘none buy back’ are not currently in use.

Any reports you run will last for two months.

Yes, if you are admin.To change details, click on the person in question's username - their details will then be displayed. From here, you can amend the details and once updated, click the save button.

If a user has left the company or you no longer need them to have account access, you can check the ‘account locked’ box and click ‘save’.

If you wish to reactivate the user’s access, uncheck the ‘account locked’ box and click ‘save’.

If you are admin you can assign a user account group to your drivers. Only one user account group should be ticked.

User account groups:
Read only user – this user can view data but not make any changes
Read write user – this user can view data and make changes
Admin – this user can view data and make changes. They can also maintain other user access and set up new users

To create a new user, please follow these steps:
• Go to the user management page
• Click ‘add user’
• Complete the fields you are presented with, with the user’s details
• Click the 'save button'

The new user’s details will now appear in any list they have been allocated to.