Our jam-busting tips and tricks!

Most of us look forward to summer holidays - but they can mean traffic jams and road delays for the UK’s professional drivers.

How do fleet operators avoid the worst jams? We’ve come up with a few extra tips to help you dodge the biggest delays.

First, it’s important to identify the main traffic bottlenecks. These are:

Next, it’s vital to know which days are likely to see the most traffic.

Finally, here are our special jam-busting tips. Some you may already use, some you may not.

  • Use technology: GPS systems with live traffic updates warn of delays ahead but it’s better to plan round the delays before you start. It’s quick and free to use the online AA Roadwatch system here.
  • Consider strategic timing for your journeys. If Friday evening is likely to be bad, start earlier in the morning instead.
  • Research roadworks. Allstar provide a list of the major on-going roadworks on the UK motorways. Find it here.