Spring to life with new staff, but remember to abide by the same rules

As spring starts, you may need extra staff to cover the increased workload as summer deliveries pick up and your customers expect the same level of service.

After the initial rush, you may decide to keep your new fleet members on, making them regular, contracted staff in your business. If this is something you have considered, it’s important to remember the following:

To keep on top of your deliveries, you’ll need to think ahead and plan your routes, keeping an eye on traffic updates and using your memory of clinch points to avoid any serious congestion. If possible, try to drive at times where there is less traffic generally, but in the end, it may be that you just need to increase your patience as other traffic users join the busy roads; I doubt any of them want to be stuck looking at the rear bumper in front of them either!

*For some sobering advice about dink driving the morning after you’ve had a little pick-me-up, see the NHS’s guidelines [ NHS’ Guidelines ].