According to research from RAC Business, almost half of all businesses (47%), including corporate fleets, are considering moving away from diesel.

Between 2015 and 2017, Alternative Fuelled Vehicles (AFVs) have grown by 92%, meaning that out of the 31.2 million cars registered in the UK by the end of 2017, 492K were alternatively-fuelled cars. Similarly, out of the 3.9 million vans, 14K were alternatively-fuelled.

When discussing EVs, even our customers see it as the future. In the corporate fleet sector, 43% have already adopted AFVs, with 69% believing they will do in three years’ time. However, of these AFVs, 2/3 are hybrids and 1/3 pure electric vehicles, rather than fuel cell powered models.

Not that EVs don’t come with worries; most fleets want to be able to run their vehicles for three years, and they also value vehicle practicality. To this end, 40% of corporates are not confident about EV range capabilities and 22% of all businesses are concerned about the size of the charging network infrastructure. Although these are the problems at the moment, as more people start to pick up EVs, there will be more sites to support the new fuel.

In support of this move, the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA), led a discussion at their Parliamentary Summer Event on 16th July, 2018. The event launched their ‘plug-in pledge’, a declaration that the rental and leasing sector will increase annual purchasing of new plug-in vehicles from 17,000 to 300,000 per year. This will rise registrations from 36% to 60%.But to support this uptake, the BVRLA are calling on the Government to bring forward plug-in company car tax incentives now, provide a five-year commitment on plug-in vehicle incentives and offer more infrastructure to support plug-in vehicles.

Alongside the BVRLA pledge, at the Parliamentary Summer Event the BVRLA also released a report they commissioned from Oxford Economics outlining the rental and leasing industry’s contribution to the UK, including environment impact. An article about the report can be read here, or you can read the report here

In an effort to support the BVRLA pledge, we are working towards a unique proposition – a multi-branded electric charging card. This will sit alongside being able to add hydrogen purchasing to your fuel card. Overall, it seems that fleets are moving towards AFVs, with EVs leading the way. Whichever fuel you decide to run with, we will be there to support you.