This weekend marks the beginning of the summer holiday.

More and more people across the UK prefer to stay in the UK and holiday in places like Cornwall or Devon. Maybe even a long weekend away in the Lake District. It's clear that the UK is becoming more popular, as a holiday destination for many families.

It is because of this that holiday makers need to be more considerate to journey times and ensure that they complete their vehicle checks before they leave for their holiday. With 8.4 million journeys expected this weekend, there will be some build up across the UK, especially on the motor ways.

There are high levels of traffic expected on the following:

If you are planning a journey, we suggest leaving in the early hours of the morning. As having a lay in and leaving in the late morning/early afternoon is the norm for a lot of holiday makers, the traffic in the early hours will be better than the late morning pushing into the early afternoon.

Ensure you check your vehicle before you go! This is a must. There will be nothing worse than breaking down on the way to your holiday. You want a relaxed week or two where there are no worries. This will be easier to achieve if you ensure your vehicle is set for the road today. Here is a quick check of what to look for before you leave:

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