Putting the wrong fuel in your vehicle could be disastrous for your engine as well as your pocket, but if you act quickly and effectively it can be less costly.

If you or one of your drivers, have misfuelled and realised before you have got into your vehicle and driven off, you must not turn the key. Starting the engine draws fuel through – if you don’t, it can be siphoned out, avoiding more costly repairs to your fuel system. If this is too late and you or a driver has only just realised, you should ground to a halt and call your breakdown cover service immediately.

How do you prevent misfuelling?

If you’re used to driving several different cars, or are a fleet manager with a range of vehicle types, here are some helpful tips that could help you avoid the cost and hassle of misfuelling;

Protect yourself

AA Fuel Assist service is standard to most Allstar fuel cards. Find out more about this here.